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some rules i would like you to consider, Mujina

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Some rules that you should consider.

1. Only talk about Hull Breach and Black Prophecy in the General Discussion forum.

2. Limited Off-Topic in General Discussion Forum

3. No flamming is allowed.

4. Try to keep yourselves at a tollerated choice of words, like no serious insults or name calling.

5. No "i'm leaving, this clan sucks" threads.

6. No spamming of smileys.

7. No double posting.

8. If you need help of any kind! Please contact an Officer or Commanding Officer, if there is anything you think normal members could help with, the feel free to post in this section of the forum.

9. No spamming posts to get your post count up.

10. Try not to talk "too good" about other clans

11. Act mature and don't write so we can't understand you.

12. English only please!

13. (when we get ventrilo) don't destroy our ears please, we like our ears.

14. Don't spy for enemy clans.

15. Feedback is good, both negative and positive.

16. 1 account per person.

17. No offending avatars/signatures

18. Please no HUGE images that will take forever to load.

19. Suggestions are welcome!

20. Don't revive ages old topics.

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Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander
All are sound ideas, I will eventually make a rule sticky with things purposed in this thread

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Ok, Sir

Good luck in your Leadership:)

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