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1 Join Application on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:08 pm


Game Name: Zvezko
Age: 20
Country: Bulgaria

How did you find out about Hull Breach?: I read about it on the official Black Prophecy forums.

What clan rank are you interested in trialling for?: Normal Member

Gaming and Clan History: Okay... i love space games, some of my favorites are Freelancer and DarkStar One. haven't played any space MMOs apart from EVE and i didn't get serious there, not much action going on imo. i'm not into P&C space games that's why i think BP will be a blast in the genre.
Apart from Space games i play lots of Fifa, NFS(not the new nfs games they are... well honestly crap). i've played lots of other games as well like Homeworld, StarCraft, all the Warcraft series, Lineage 2, Dungeon Siege, most of the C&C series, CS&CSS, the HOI series, the Total War series, FM series, a couple of the PoP series, most of the MoH games, the Battlefield series.. and i can go on but that's about enough. don't mean to be a show off or anything like that, i'm not very proud of it tbh. okay... oh about guilds i've been in guilds on Lineage 2, WoW, Perfect World and Battle of the Immortals (all of them as regular member except PWI where i had my own guild).

Tell us a little about yourself: Here comes the hardest part Very Happy. Well my name is Zvezdelin, i'm from Bulgaria but i don't live there now i live in the Middle East. I like playing sports (Soccer, Tennis) also Pool although that's not much fo a sport Very Happy. i'm a computer technician have worked for 2 years now. i spend most of my time on the pc except in the summer when i go back to Bulgaria to see my friends. and i think that'll do for now Smile.

Why do you want to join Hull Breach?: with the risk of sounding alot like the temp application, it would seem to me that this is going to be a well organized guild and that's what i am looking for, because in other games that i've been in guilds and.. well let's just say most guilds are a chaos and have no system for anything... or at least the ones i've been in.

Why should we accept your application?: hmm... i can't think of a reason, that's why we have this app right? Wink
i'll just mention that i'll be an active user.

Do you have any friends in Hull Breach?: None.

Are you willing to use Ventrillo? - i'll have to disappoint you there.

How often will you be active once Black prophecy has launched (times/week?) - okay from October when i go back to where i live, till the next summer (June) i'll be on about 20-50H/week.

Computer Specs
CPU: Overclocked Core2Duo at 3.8Ghz.
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800.
GFX Card: Radeon HD 4850.

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2 Re: Join Application on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:50 pm


Good. Very good. Application accepted, welcome, friend.

One Shot - one kill. cash only please. =)
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