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this is crap :(

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1 this is crap :( on Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:41 pm


first i broke my windows, set it new up, installed bp and patched it then servers are offline because getting moved and now this process cant be finished before weekend and takes till monday! mah, this is crap!!! Mad

so what's up with you guys? ^^ What a Face

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2 Re: this is crap :( on Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:17 am


It seems alot of companies are having server issues these days, even SC2 had it during the beta and a short while after release and LoL has nothing but server issues.

I think dev's should leave the server bit to actuall servers like Telia, and not try to do it themselves because its either slightly cheaper or "a good experience"

It appears we gamers find ourselves getting the bad end of it all, Developers try to make the game worth playing whereas the companies like Activision just live to ruin promising games and find new ways to rip us off to get an extra dollar. (wow's micro transactions, SC2's news that it would be a trilogy all came after Blizzard merged with Activision.)

Though when you look at a product like steam, we know that it pays to be consumer friendly. They are after all the most succesfull computer gaming service. And people still play LoL even though the servers are horrid because its a good game and the developers listen to the consumers.

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