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so i've had a look about, before i think about putting in an application i want to know more about the guild. and in particular its leaders. as well as some of its members.

you all plan on playing Black prophecy i take it. what about other MMO's like JumpGate Evolution?

are you in general a PVP clan? pve clan? RP clan? combination of all above?

are you lot an experienced clan? coming from other games together or this all new and you're just bunching a new group of people together to get to know?

since the NDA was lifted. have you members in the beta?

from your template you said the clans a friendly one.

mind you, this cant be one way with me asking all the questions. so a little about me as well

games: from Aion -> what ever you can name on the other side of the alphabet. X-x3: TC would be a good one but im sure ive played something begining with Z.

SpaceSim's : the normal. Wingcommander and its sequals. freelancer, X-X3:tc. etc etc etc. a few rarer ones like Earth and Beyond (it didnt use to be rare but it seems to be these days, then again i dunno if id consider it an actual sim). Even Jump to Lightspeed from SWG.

as for whether im any good. those of the 77th and the 6th on valcyn considered me an ace all the way through JTL. thats something to be proud of

and i too...played CS. though many many years ago. though this was before steam...and gamespy... and got to see it transcend through them all from beta to its current forms.

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