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Daerthyrs application

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1 Daerthyrs application on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:38 am


Game Name:






How did you find out about Hull Breach?:

I took a look around the Pilot chat section on the BP official forums. You were the first EU Genide clan that I found. Now that does not mean that I jumped on the first partyvan I saw, but rather that you offer everything that I look for in a clan.

What clan rank are you interested in trialling for? (Normal member, Officer, commanding officer - Ranks explained in another thread.

I’m going to go for the safe bet and pick normal member. This is not to say that I might not be interested in an officer spot at a later date if I feel I’m qualified, but at the moment I can’t promise you the time for that.

Gaming and Clan History:
I’ve played games for as long as I can remember. I started MMO’s with Everquest 2 which I played casually at most. My first real MMO was Warhammer Online. I’m an avid Warhammer fan and followed the games creation for many years. I'm a founding member of the guild Semper Dius that played the game pretty hardcore at release. We were the n1 Order guild for quite some time on our server. Unfortunately the game didn’t live up to our expectations fully and our guild dwindled in numbers so the aim shifted to being a small “elite” group that knew what we were doing from being a huge dominating force. I played a White Lion at release and later an Arch Mage.

At release I held the Race Officer position and now I’m the community manager (more about that later). I played WAR very hardcore from tier 1 to 3 but the server bugs, lags and many many issues burned me out quite quickly when I reached r40. And after a few weeks I stopped playing that actively. A year or so after the release I restarted and had quite fun with the SD people still playing, probably more fun that I had in the beginning.

Semper Dius still exists, however we don’t play any games together anymore. We have our site up and have a core bunch of old timers rambling on the forums. Occasionally we might play something together or catch up on vent. So its more of a social thing now days than a gaming guild. I run our website since I’ve been around the longest.

I tired Aion and Eve online too with the SD guys. But neither of the games were right for me. Naturally I've tried WoW a few times too but I've always lost interest in it after about a month.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a 19 year old student and an eternal geek. I study International Business in Vaasa university of applied sciences. I’ve got a good grasp of English and its also the language I study in. I’ll gladly join up on vent/mumble/ts2/dolby axon and have a chat with you if you want to. Lately I’ve spent less time playing as I’ve been quite occupied with my girlfriend but then again there's not been many games to play either (except Starcraft2). However I do intend to start using more time for playing once there is a game that deserves my time. My hopes where that it would be JGE but the recent updates have made me loose interest in it. Thus BP is my definite choice.

Why do you want to join Hull Breach?:

You guys remind me a lot of SD, we also emphasized the community aspect of a guild to a great extent. I definitely think its part of what a clan/guild should be. You are also organized and have clearly show energy towards building something successful, which I’d love to be a part of and help out as best I can. I can tell that the leadership is sensible i.e. I think applications like this are mandatory for a successful gaming group.

Why should we accept your application?:
You should accept me since I know I’m a at least a decent gamer. I’ve got good skills in English, I’ll be dedicated to the clan, community and game. I will be able to run the game well and I’m not shy for voice chat.

Do you have any friends in Hull Breach?:
Not that I know of.

Are you willing to use Ventrillo? (once I buy one)

How often will you be active once Black prophecy has launched (times/week?)
Atleast 4 days a week and I’m hoping to be able to put atleast 20+ hours a week.

Computer Specs
CPU: Some i7
GFX Card: 3x Nvidia Gtx280
(if the exact specs are important I can provide them)

I'll gladly answer any questions you might have here or on your voice chat of choice.

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2 Re: Daerthyrs application on Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:38 am


One of the best applications I've seen. Welcome on a board, recruit.

One Shot - one kill. cash only please. =)
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